LFM - Plat 4 - MadTeaParty - Atlas

Language: English
Time Zone: Doesn’t matter
Played time: Doesn’t matter
Age Range: Doesn’t matter
Elite Account?: Doesn’t matter
Dragon Roster Includes: Enki/Ember
Highest Lineage Dragon: Doesn’t matter

About: We are a competitive team looking for like minded people. Our requirements are 20k in pvp events, 3 quests, don’t miss 2 wars in a season, as well as atlas points - starting next season where you can’t get a 0 in atlas events. We are an atlas pirate team, no castles, no alliances so you’re free to hit whomever. We consistently score top 5 in every event, lv 7-9 team chest varies, and we occasionally get 8th prize in fort but we plan to improve that. So if you can make those requirements we would love to have you :hugs:! If you are interested in joining or have questions, message CalmPotato in game, or a online officer. You can also respond here as well.