LFM ☆ Plat 4-Plat 2 ☆ Skies0fFire☆ 90+

Language: English, German, spanish
Time Zone: global
Played time: active - very active
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: yes, but not mandatory
Dragon Roster Includes: can teach
Highest Lineage Dragon: can teach

We are very active, wars are absolutely mandatory. Will go over war rules when approved. Will review base and what, if any breeding path you are on. Follows Red’s mid to high end columns in level requirements. If you do not know any of these things, no problem! We are happy to help as long as you’re happy to learn!:purple_heart::purple_heart:

These peeps are cool :sunglasses:

Just checked.
Aren’t your team full atm?

There are several alts to maintain 50. Apply even if full

Oh, okay then.
I’m level 72 atm, and haven’t had any intention to move yet.
Just curious…

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