LFM plat 4 strangedragons 24+

LFM- PLAT 4/3 - strangedragons

Language: English (some French, German, and a hand full of other languages available, but English is what the majority of members speak)
Time Zone: we have members across the countries in the us and Canada, members in the uk, Europe and Australia and Asia
Played time: our core group has played together for over a year
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:not required
Dragon Roster Includes: n/a
Highest Lineage Dragon:N/a
About: have you always wished you lived in a tree house with 40 of your strangest friends and family members? Tinkering with experiments in the garage, sharing snacks and drinks in the kitchen, having mega dance parties followed by mega naps in the back yard? Getting into holiday (/event) themed pun-offs? You have likely always been a strangedragon and not even known it :yum::dragon:
We are seeking a few active/very active players level 24+ to grow with us. War participation is mandatory as we are a small but scrappy team who is intent on world domination… ok, maybe only a few of us are intent on world domination, but we need those members because they build the best bonfires… if you are more of a marshmallow toaster, we need you too.
Please apply even if we are full as we will move alts to make room.

xo, c

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Wow. Such low lv requirement for Platinum… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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You wanna join a chat?

Sure I do! Sign me up @ialwaysdefend :sunglasses:

You have got the cute bit right.

We love the enthusiasm of newer players, and we have a handful of amazing game coaches. Plus, much easier to start base design early :alarm_clock::bomb::wink:
Thanks for the comment @orcafrost , are you looking for a team?

Stick around and you’ll pick up on the other bit :joy:

Not for now. Perhaps later…
Thanks for offer :wink:

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