LFM- Plat 4- xJUDGEMENTDAYx- Active/VeryActive


Preferred Language: English fluent
Age Range: 18+ preferred, not required
Level: Level is not as important to us as activity, grow with our help
Time Playing: any
Elite: not required, but suggested.

We are currently looking for active/very active players, level is not an issue so long as you are active and pushing your account forward. We are looking for loyal players who are willing to follow the team standard, help each other out, and support each other every step of the way.
War and event participation is mandatory .
We do have atlas

Our goal is to grow strong together, fight together, and stand together. If you are active/very active and looking for the next level of teamwork xJUDGEMENTDAYx is the team for you!

Look us up, check us out, and apply. Please reach out to our leader Mermazing (or any of our officers) if you have any questions.




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