LFM – Plat I – xMercilessx – lv300+ Atlas, Boredom and Fun 🌟

Tired of diamond? Fed up with Atlas? Want something more fun and less stressful?
Don’t despair we have the answer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:warning: xMercilessx needs a gunner or two!:warning:

Level 300 plus with good dragons.
We don’t need you to do all the work; just help us with one or two bases per war and maintain an active status.
We’re fun, we’re cheeky; let your worries fade away.
Join our family, all the fun with none of the stress
Please apply if interested.

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@ModMat @Psarus recategorize as β€œrecruiting” please :slight_smile:

Done. Thanks for the advice :hugs:

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