LFM Plat II DarkChoices lvl 100+ Atlas!

Language: English
Time Zone: Global
Played time: 1+ years
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: doesn’t matter
Dragon Roster Includes: 2 high level divines
Highest Lineage Dragon: Platinum/Sapphire

When you make the DarkChoice, there is no turning back! We are a continuously higher aspiring team, looking to make our way to Sapphire and beyond! All Wars and Events are mandatory as well as defense and listening to instruction during waves. We take team contribution very seriously. As an added bonus, we are an original Atlas team! This unlocks a whole new world for XP, Riders, and Team Bonuses. DarkChoices is the best home you’ll find with loyal teammates and officers who communicate!

What happened to you guys? Used to be a pretty stacked d1 team :eyes:

That’s been a long time, completely new team, no original members left. But we’re rebuilding back to former glory.

There are still a few spots open! Come enjoy Atlas, and reap the benefits that owning land will give you, while we grow as a team! Apply today!!

Still looking for players, apply even if full!

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