LFM - Plat II - funflyingdrags - lvl 150 +


Thanks for checking out our team! We are successful because we are a family, we help each other to be the best dragon lords we can be, contribute towards team goals and communicate with each other.
Our expectations of you are as follow
You always participate in events, both atlas and main game.
You communicate with officers if you will be unable to log on for more than 1 day. 1 war miss will result in being kicked.
You follow instructions for war waves, keeping chatting in team chat and showing up for scheduled wave times and only hit your assigned targets. Failure to show for a wave will result in being kicked.
You keep a minimum of 20k troops in your barracks before hunting glory
You contribute gold and timers to help with castle infrastructure upgrades and paying upkeep
You keep an active or very active status at all times
You keep in game notifications on at all times, LINE is highly recommended.
What we will offer you
Atlas bonuses like 30% more gold on mine runs, increased shards on poacher runs, 12% faster troop training times, 21% more xp on mine runs and daily tribute bonuses like 544 extra egg tokens or 103 extra troops
Back up on XP runs
Base building help
Flying tips and training
Gold, wood and food transfers as needed
Timely info on upcoming events, upgrade patch notes, gameplay changes and other important info from forums and social media
A full, active, communicative team that has each others backs and supports each other at all times.

We hope you will consider joining us if this sounds like a good match. Please email an officer in game and we will get back to you shortly. If you are an alt, looking for a supportive environment to grow please check out our feeder team DragonsRookery.


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