LFM-Plat II-LastProphecy-150+

Language: English, but we have some members who speak Spanish as well. I know enough French to smile politely and nod.

Time Zone: Most players are in US, but we keep strange hours.

Played time: Long enough to know what if we say Red’s we are referring to a breeding path and not a type of Marlboro.

Age Range: 18+ no jail bait.

Elite Account?: Preferred but not required.

Dragon Roster Includes: Sapphire tier

Highest Lineage Dragon: Hauheset.

About: We have 6 castles, one of each element. We are looking to replace some alts and low performers before next PvP. Please either post questions below or feel free to contact either me, JoehnleinWISE1 or BlakexWise at your convenience for further discussion.


i am lvl 53 right now but very active and am looking for a new team, are you considering lower level players?

Kind regards

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