LFM - PLAT III And moving up - StillAliveX - ATLAS ORIENTED TEAM!

Language: English
Time Zone: Different zones
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Not Mandatory but advised

Hello there,
Are you looking for:
An Active Team
Atlas Oriented
Helpfull Teammates
Great rewards in events
A way to move up as a player and with the team?

Then stop looking and join us!!!
But wait , now you know what we offer, but we do ask for some things in return!!

Regular events
Event Quests
Atlas Events
Atlas gold runs and Troop training
War participation
Help others when possible.

Your still reading, I think you fit this profile! Do not hesitate there is a spot for you on our team!

We have a strong core, and will be full when you look, but we do have a few slackers to replace.
That is what happens when with all the help, love and care we offer, a player manages to score 0, we will find someone to replace them!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me:
IGN : Judgke
Team: StillAliveX
Line: Judgke

Kind regards

Still LFM can also take a small group of dedicated players