LFM – Plat IV (moving up to III) – XxRoyalsxX – 50+

We are looking for players to join our amazing team. We are in Platinum IV and will be shifting up to Platinum III next week. We are a very active group, who work cooperatively together to make the team better. There is no drama or fighting. We are a fun, supportive team who love to war, kick butt in events, and generally have a good time. We do request that you be 18+ years of age to apply. Our minimum level is 50. War hits are mandatory and event participation is expected (although we don’t expect folks to spend, it isn’t hard to support the team by participating where you can). If you’re interested, please reach out to me or our leader, Sscoobyy.

Language: English preferred
Age Range: 18 or older please

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does your team have atlas?

Unfortunately, not yet. We heard they are releasing to P1 soon. We’re P4 moving to P3. We are pushing to get to atlas.

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