LFM - Plat IV - NightCreatures - active players lvl 60+

NightCreatures are an active team in Platinum 4, we’re looking to swap out some alts and less active players so that we can start pushing up the leagues.

Our team’s mostly English-speaking, but we enjoy having a good mix of timezones and nationalities. Right now we’re especially keen to find a few more players in European timezones, but will still happily accept players in other locations.

We’re looking for players who’ll make our team stronger and more fun! High-level players are of course very welcome, but activity and contribution are our most important criteria. Participation in wars and events will be mandatory, but otherwise we want people who will contribute to a fun and drama-free team!

PM me here on the forums or message me in-game if you’re interested.

Expecting to have some spots open up after this event - get in touch if you’re looking for a new team!

Still recruiting! Message me here on forums or in-game!

Heavens me! Is this another shameless bump on this thread?

Why yes it is!

Recruiting to fill some spots after the event. PM me here or in-game.

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