LFM - Plat1 - Angelraiders - L90+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any, but players that can be online at warstart have a big plus
Played time:—
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: prefered
Dragon Roster Includes:—
Highest Lineage Dragon:—

The founders of this team have been playing in Platinum and Saphire together for a long time before starting this team. We are easing our way up to Saph when the team as a whole is ready for that leap. Currently ranked 315 with one war underway but no immediate urge to rush upwards further.

We are looking for atleast 3 players to add to our group due to war nonparticipation and RL rearing its ugly head.

We have different chats for sharing RSS and coordinating warattacks (putting it outthere as it seems some players do not like them, these are mandatory and non-negotiable).
Further rules are: keep atleast an active status, do not miss wars unanounced and participate in events.
In return we offer a chatty, helpfull, fun and ambitious environment with a truly global playerbase.
We understand real life comes first and that we play this game for fun, so when communicated we can be very flexible regarding a busy schedule, vacation etc.
Depending on the event we usually rank between pos. 5 and 15.

If interested please mail an officer IG or PM me here. We are at 50/50 due to alts holding the spots.

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