Lfm-plat1 -debilitation-275/300

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Time Zone:ANY
Played time:2/3 Years
Age Range: Over 18
Elite Account?:Not Required
Dragon Roster Includes:Obisidan
Highest Lineage Dragon:

About:DEBILITATION is looking for a heavy hitting player to fill our need of a battering ram for wars we have many players on the cusp of filling this need we would like another. We ask that you be friendly chatty and willing to work within an established system. If your level 290/350 and want a home this could be an ideal suitation.
We Are also Looking for smaller levels from 35/90 to fill out our sister team Debilitation 2 this is the team that we draw from so be ready for call up at any time.
If your interested contact EvilFather @ Debilitation for more details.

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