LFM-Plat1- ScoundrelsDRC- lvl req 300+

We are an old school team from back when diamond was lvl 100. We are currently looking to replace some heavy hitters to push our way back into Sapphire. Everyone thought the Dragon Riders Club was dead but we are back with a vengeance.
We are looking for a couple lvl 300+ Exceptions can be made
If you are below that but have Emerald dragons, that works for us too.
We are a solid team, more of a family and we are all looking forward to meeting a couple new people. We have a strong alliance in Atlas.
Our main language spoken on the team is English.
If you are looking for a dedicated team and want to help us push back into Sapphire, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Let’s get out there and ride some dragons together!

Ride on, NinjaKatt

Go Scoundrels! Good to see a 2015- team still kicking ass!!!

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