LFM - Plat2 Atlas - NeoFairyTail - 180+

Language: english
Time Zone: any
Played time: any
Age Range: preferably 18+
Elite Account?: not compulsory but very helpful
Dragon Roster Includes: any
Highest Lineage Dragon: any

About: We are a friendly atlas platinium 2 team with people from all over the world. We have 7 castles and 880 egg tokens income per day. We are very helpfull with each others and use ressources from bank to help you grow.

We are looking for a few new members in order to replace some retiring teamates (no more time to play).

Our requirements are not so strong. You must participate in event and reach the team prize 5 (300 sigils).
Do 5 stars at quests. Do more than 0 at atlas event. Do your war hit. Also we are not used to kick people if requirement are sometimes failed, we understand that real life comes first.

So if you are interested to join a great team dont hesitate to apply or contact our team leader :blush:

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Would love to join and play Atlas