LFM - Plat2 - DeathsDominion - 120+ (Video)

Language: English
Time Zone: Various
Played time: Not entirely sure what this means, but let’s say a lot.
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Optional but preferred

About: We are a very active, fun-loving bunch.
You want resources? We will probably throw a surplus at you like you’re a canvas and we are Jackson Pollock.
You want fun? We will sing a song at you and have some competitions.
You want a family? Most of us have been together over a year and don’t plan to leave each other any time soon.

Come to us and come home.


Still looking to replace some alts. Super active and talkative people. Only requirement is get you war hits done and do your best in the events.

(We don’t set event minimums because we believe that people can be super helpful in events by doing things like sharing resources and backing runs but not get many points on the board.)

Got room for 2? Me and my wife are looking for a more focused team. Levels 75 and 77

Perfect! Send us an application!

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I came in looking for recruits and left wanting to join your team. Great job with the rap!

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