LFM - Plat2 - SandSlingers - 200+


Language: English / emoji
Time Zone: Mostly US Based
Played time: :man_shrugging:
Age Range: Old enough to know better.
Elite Account?: Recommended
Dragon Roster Includes: Garnet +
Highest Lineage Dragon: Renard or Frostbiter

About: Hello! SandSlingers is cordially inviting YOU to join our team. What makes our team different from the hundreds of others out there? I’m not really sure but we can figure it out together!

Please RSVP here or in game to @Zikiru or @Dave051



Might have a spot or two after feeding. It’s a great time to message me and start getting to know SandSlingers.

Still in platinum 2. Lots of fancy castles for you to chillax in.



Hey its Monday, so why not come join us! Someone could at least like this post and make me feel better about myself… :sob:



I liked your posts can’t see people cry :cry:



Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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I joined them a short while ago when I was frustrated with all the rules and politics on other teams. I have to say I am very happy in my new home as there are rules but not many, Do your war runs and participate in events, but otherwise pretty relaxed.

The lead and Daedalus (JB) make things fun. The team is a great bunch. We do well in wars. But we do need a couple more strong players to move up the ladder. This is an awesome team. Come check it out!



Sent an email to the leader and an online officer SuzzQ hope to hear from you guys soon :pray:t4:



Still time to join us before next event!



:thinking: Won’t you update OP since your name is changed?

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Thank you!

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We will be looking to replace a couple alts at end of the event. Looking for 200+ player as we are trying to push up. Atlas experience helpful but we can teach you as long as you have to ambition to succeed. wars and events mandatory.

No stress team, but we would like higher level active players who are looking to succeed but have fun doing it. Contact @Dave051 in game if interested.

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Hope you are well^^