LFM - Plat3 - IvoryViper - 100+ preferred but will consider lower if very active

Language: English preferred at least as one of your languages
Time Zone: global
Age Range: 21+
Elite Account?: yes

IvoryViper is an old team that’s had our ups and downs. Our core group is comprised of people that love to play and want to push to Sapphire or above. But we need to weed out the dead weight to accomplish that. If you see we are full, it’s an illusion, apply anyway.

Rules are simple:
Do ALL wars and get 5 flames. Ask for help if needed.

Life happens, we get that, let an officer know if you missed due to an emergency and give us warning when you won’t be on due to holiday or work.

Do you best in ALL events.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Send IllicitCookies and in game mail with any questions, or ask away here. I will check back frequently.

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