LFM Plat3 Sandslingers


Language: mostly English, although we have people from all over the world. Must be able to communicate in English
Time Zone: Again we have people from all over the world.
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: not required but recommended

About: Sandslingers are looking for new members (open to more if you have friends you want to bring over) who participate in ALL wars and events without being asked. We are a very close-knit group that doesn’t have a lot of turnover, so I am looking for someone who wants to stick with us and grow with us. We are not very talkative in chat, but we are like a family, and we like to kick butt, particularly during wars.

We do have atlas with a full alliance. We are now looking for players levels 100+. Teams keep on declaring war on us and we may find ourselves in plat 2 soon, so while we are always happy to provide backup, I need you to be able to hold your own in pvp events.

We do understand that life comes before the game so we don’t go crazy over team quests, and don’t currently ask for atlas minimums (although we do ask everyone to at least participate in it). As long as you communicate with leadership and consistently participate in wars you can find a home with us.

If interested, send in an application to SandSlingers or message me in game, Zikiru.


Bump, just a reminder that if you are active and can play in ALL wars then level doesn’t matter so much


Bumping one last time because we only have 1, maaybe two spots left!


Level requirement?

No requirement for base / breeding progress as well?


No level requirement as much as an activity requirement. And for breeding we want it to be proportional to level, and if not on a breeding guide yet we’d want you to start using one.


Bump, looking for about 2 people again


People keep on declaring wars on us and we keep on winning so now we are in plat 3 :woman_shrugging: I have some alts that need to be replaced. Message me in game if you are interested!


We need to fill about 5 spots now, to replace those who slacked off during our back to back wars.

We are plat 3 now
Atlas team with castles, infrastructure, and an alliances
We love our wars
Now asking for levels 80+ since people keep on warring on us and we may get pushed to plat 2.

Message Zikiru in game if interested


Bumping this again as we have a few open spots again. We are now in plat 3. We are looking mainly for members levels 100+ now but can make exceptions for extremely active players if you message us.