LFM – Platin 4/3 – 7thCircle – lv70+

Language: english
Time Zone: any
Played time: dedication>time played
Age Range: mature behavior
Elite Account?: not required
Dragon Roster Includes: gold dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon: hatched any gold dragons

Hi Community,

We are a team with long history, created back in 2015
and we are looking for fresh blood to strengthen our non atlas team.

The kind of Players we are looking for are
-teamplay oriented
-not ignorant to advises
-of a friendly attitude

These are the requirements: after you joined us you have to
-play on a daily basis
-use a up to date breeding path
-have LineApp and join our chat there and check it daily
-read leadership-mails when logging in, to not miss out tactical orders in events
-strictly follow announced tactics for wars and events
-fulfil the tiny minimum event point requirement we announce at the start of every event
-open your mouth if you have any questions

-additionally we expect that the moment you join us you read and understand team internal Wiki (few rules and war procedures)

Appreciated bonus requirements we all work on and we can help you to fulfil AFTER you joined (based on “fact-oriented opinions” :wink: :
-We help you to balance your breeding progress and base level, so you will fit into Red’s casual check-in or better

-it’s easy to level your base in a way far far below its true potential for your given level, and the higher your level gets, the more frustrating it is to get raided by far lower levels. We help you get on track to end up with a defendable base for your level

-We help you plan your seasons to get the most value out of it

-We help you to build up your level of experience by explaining any game mechanic you want to have explained

What you can expect:
Dedicated leadership, seeking to complete the Sisyphus task :of gathering 50 people that all fulfil the few requirements mentioned above :smile: :wink:

If you are interested, write me on LineID Qwoxelias
or find us - 7thCircle - ingame and write to Leader, me or any other officer.
mention, that you found us on forum.

Hope to see you ingame soon and welcome you to our team


Still looking for some players :v:

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