LFM - Platinium 4 - Himmelsreiter (DE, EN) - Atlas - 50+


Language: German prefered (Englisch)
Time Zone: Mainly Europe
Age Range: 18+
Level: 50+
Play time: Must be at least active status
Elite Account: Not mandatory, but super helpful
Special feature: You can join us immediately

The Himmelsreiter are looking for reinforcements for Platinum 4 and further up. Also in Atlas engage themselves already several players and build up the team. We are already friends with some teams and are part of a super alliance.
In our team there are many free places that we would like to occupy with active players. Of course, we are happy to have over 200+ players as well as players who have not been with WD for so long.
We are looking for players for whom the war participation (5 flames) is self-evident. Also a willingness to support the team in Atlas should be available.
It is desirable to have minimal participation in the event (no binding goals) and one minimum chat attendance.
Fun in the common game and mutual support are our main philosophy.
If you want to help build our team, then you are right with us.

We don’t need inactive members regardless of level.

If you are interested don’t be afraid to send a message, reply or please contact one of our offis or the team leader in the game.


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