LFM-Platinum 1-Albertaunbound- 100+

Team: Albertaunbound
League: Platinum 1
Players: 100+

Albertaunbound is currently recruiting. We were a Sapphire 2 team but had a couple of mates leave us unexpectedly and fell victim to wars. We are rebuilding and looking to return to Sapphire 2 ASAP.
Our team is:
-Very active
-part of a strong Atlas alliance called Fair Trade. Global rank 23.
-We control 4 castles in Atlas which give 464 egg tokens daily.

We are looking for players who love the game, will take instructions in war, and be active in Atlas and events. If this sounds like you, please apply.

Change your title beast

What did I do wrong?

I think he means your first paragraph.

“Use this category to recruit members to your Team! Please make sure to follow our Posting Guidelines and keep discussions on topic!”

I’m level 120 with Atlas experience. Very keen player, no drama! Keen to progress and help an active team to progress. Hope to hear from you soon.

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