LFM - Platinum 1 - NewbieNoobs (200+ preferred)


LFM - Platinum 1 - NewbieNoobs (200+ preferred)

Language: English

Time Zone: Multiple. We’ve got plenty of 'muricans, some ozzies, some asians, some euros, and others. If you’re lonely on the overnight shift on your team, we definitely have some folks to keep you company.

Age Range: preferably no children.

About: NewbieNoobs is a Platinum 2 (moving up to Platinum 1 with the league change in a couple of hours) team that has been moving up and is looking to add a few good people.

We’re relaxed and have a lively chat with plenty of odd characters to keep you on your toes. Members and leaders are always down to help with whatever you need, or provide guidance if you’re less experienced.

We are active in atlas and have good atlas position.

We’d prefer players 200+ with dragons on pace for that level, but exceptions can be made for very high activity.

Send me a message here or in-game if interested :slight_smile:

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I’m interested. I don’t know what Platinum 2 is though



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I’ll bump your thread if you bump mine. :rofl:

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