LFM platinum 1. Team OPENSHOT


LFM Platinum 1 team

Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – platinum 1OpenShot – ‘200 or higher


Language: English team, but we are multi cultural
Time Zone: multiple. Pst and Central European
Age Range: 18+

About: openshot is an adult team looking to continue to grow. We need a few more members.
Please apply even if full as we usually are full…
Email any officer for questions.
We have a couple slots being filled with alts we’d like to put people in There.
Line ID required.


Going to assume I’m much too small for the team? Level 96. Been playing about 2 1/2 - 3 years


probably, our gold team flamesfive would be a better fit for you. They have atlas as well. Mid 100’s we can work with, but you’d be a target in any war or atlas til your a little bigger.


Yeah, I’m looking to stay in P2 or 1. Gold is fun but not as competitive for me right now. Thank you tho :blush:

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