LFM - Platinum 1 - ValiantLegends - 200+


ValiantLegends is currently a high platinum 1 team on the verge of being sapphire 3. We have a few spots being held right now by either alts or less active players that we’d like to see replaced with high-active and dedicated members before we make the jump to compete at the next level.


  • Score well in all regular events (Minimum of final team prize for both fortification and feeding events; No set minimum for PvP at this time, but if you regularly underperform, you’ll find yourself underperforming elsewhere)
  • Never miss war hits
  • Participate with the rest of the team in Atlas
  • Complete daily quests. Missing a quest here and there is understandable. Missing most/all of them is not.

Basically, we want good teammates. We are not looking for freeloaders; if you join, we will expect you to be active and involved with the team, or you can expect to be replaced quickly. As mentioned earlier, we have a few slots we can replace immediately (I want to say 3 or 4). If you have a slightly larger group looking to move on to a new team, mail me with the details and I’ll see if we can work something out.

If you are interested in joining, you can either message me here or in-game (in-game will likely get you a much quicker response). For in-game mailing, if you choose to do so directly instead of looking me up in ValiantLegends, please note that the 0 in the “0f” in my username is a zero, not an o.