LFM – Platinum 1 – xTheEmpirex


Language: Mainly English
Time Zone: We have members from all around the globe
Age Range: Adults
Elite Account?: Recommended
Dragon Roster Includes: Ember
Level: No requirement. We’re willing to train
Highest Lineage Dragon: Depends on your level


Long time since I have seen a plat team without level req O.o


Small but very active members who play for the team are always valued here :wink:


Just to bump the thread…
We are always looking for good team players :slight_smile:


Bumping the thread again…
If you are interested, please apply even if we are full :smile:


So just curious but how frequent are your wars?


Not too often…
Before declaring any war, we check in with the team to see if it’s okay with everyone’s schedule. We get declared upon more frequently, but people often underestimate our size :slight_smile:


I am interested in joining a new team. Would like to know more about the team to see if I fit the bill.
I’m level 66 and will be getting gold legends next breed event, and am very active.


After the event, we have two spots opening up. Join us :smile:


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