LFM - Platinum 2 - ANGELSnDEM0NS - 137+


Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Experience: Just play smart and we’ll love you <3
Age Range: Be mature.
Dragon Roster Includes: Sapphire/Garnet+ dragons, but we can make exceptions :wink:
Elite: NBD, play at your own pace :slight_smile: Great if you have it, though.

What we offer:

  • Knowledgeable, funny, coordinated teammates.
  • Tendency to play smart- we know how to defend!
  • And do war waves!
  • And how to coordinate PvPs! :open_mouth:
  • 650 tokens daily from Atlas, and 400 from the main game.
  • 12 castles! 6 level threes, 6 level twos! At least one in each element land!
  • Taxless banks! Withdraw your deposits anytime. :wink:
  • 31.9% xp and 45.6% gold bonus from mines.

We’re a pretty casual team, but we do pull our socks up on occasion- We’ve been champions in our league for every PvP…except one, I think, from last season. We’re typically top 5 for minor events, and we’ve gotten the 1.2k sigil prize in them before. (We’d like to get it more, though, so that’s why we’re recruiting. It’d be great if you could hit that tier! :laughing:)


Interested? Our requirements aren’t high, but they’re more minimums than expectations.

  • Sixth team prize tier every PvP (30k points for this one, for example)
  • Donations amounting at least 1.4m gold a week to our banks, since we don’t collect tax. Be active in Atlas, although our definition is- build troops with the excess gold from xp runs, please.
  • Minimum breeding tier would be sapphire, but we can make exceptions if you’re strong for your level. :wink:
  • No minimum base level; but we’d prefer bases with strong gear and tower levels corresponding to their respective breeding tiers, hopefully at max for their levels.

We’ll always show as full in game, but right now, we’d like to replace some underperformers, so we can probably make space for you (and a few friends!) if you’re interested. Feel free to drop me a PM here, if you’d like to learn more :slight_smile:

Lvl 174 looking for platinum or higher team

We’ve got a couple of spots opening up; do pm me here if interested.

(Champs for TR again! Have to appreciate the new supercharge bonus :laughing:)