LFM - Platinum 2 - Darksiders316 - Level 280+

Darksiders316 is looking to recruit more active members to replace low performers!

  • Platinum 2
  • 880 daily castle egg tokens + 400 from league
  • 7 T2/T3 (safe) castles of all elements
  • Strong 5TA alliance
  • 8/8 team achievement in all events
  • 9-10/10 team quests
  • Consistent top 10 finish in events

We are a group of friendly, helpful, international folks who play the game as a team! In addition to all the benefits listed above, you will have lots of supportive teammates who are willing to support you every step of the way. We expect you to give us your all: 8/8 team achievement and 5/5 quest every event. We do understand if life comes in the way, but please notify us ahead of time. Hope to fly with you soon!

Message me (Dumbledore101) or Nightstorm0666 to start your journey with us!



Very nice

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Darksiders, the name makes me to remember those games, first one was great 2nd is meh, didn’t have time to play the third one but i am leaving one of my favorite game characters here, the war


Just bumping the post :slight_smile:

Looking to fill the spots of 2 low activity players. Message me or apply in game!