LFM - Platinum 2 - Gryphonsclaw - minimum level 100, no maximum level

Gryphonsclaw is recruiting!!


Language: English
Time zone: No preference, we are a global team
Played time: Minimum 6 months
Level: Minimum 100 please
Age range: 18+ preferred
Elite account? : Yes please
Atlas: Active and engaged - or looking to become so

We are an active, successful, friendly, competitive and team focussed dragon family looking to recruit at least one member. We are currently in Platinum II and have members across the world. We do well in events across main game and Atlas too.

We offer:

Atlas - we have castles and therefore increased daily egg token payouts and all the other good stuff that comes with it
Fun - this is a game, not a job!
Strength and support - Friendly teammates who look out for each other and help each other grow stronger with the team is key to us. Most of us have flown for years now
Balance - we have members ranging from the 100s to the 500s

We expect:

War participation: Participate or communicate in advance if you can’t (real life happens). It’s usually a kick if you do neither of these things
Activity: Help us to help you get better prizes all the time
Communication: In team chats and Line too
You: to be good to your team and love the game!

Interested? Of course you are - you’re only human. Can’t blame you, sounds much better than that old team, right? So message me, my IGN is JC4U

Burn everything!

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