LFM - Platinum 2 - ShaHappens - Lvl 200+ (negotiable)


Do you like your team, but feel something is missing?

Disappointed in the level of communication that takes place?

Feeling like you put more effort into events than the rest? Both in the regular game and Atlas?

It’s hard to leave a team that you’ve spent time growing with and getting to know. But sometimes:


Come one, come all! (We can’t actually fit all, but we have room for a few.) ShaHappens is here to save you from your stagnating team woes!

We are a fun, talkative, and knowledgeable team of players with a strong Atlas presence. Through the great diplomatic skills of our fearless leader and determination of our players, our Atlas strength rivals even that of some Sapphire teams.

We are a fairly even mix of mostly US and European players, so no matter what timezone you live in, there will be teammates to chat and play with.

We are primarily looking for players lvl 200+ and/or breeding Garnets or higher. We can also make room for you highly motivated individuals (smart spenders or grinders) who aren’t quite there yet.

Come, join us in our push to Sapphire. It might not be an easy decision, but the best ones never are. Just remember: ShaHappens, let it happen. Embrace the Sha, become the Sha.

Contact Sha or Obfirmo in-game for more details, or to apply.

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