LFM - Platinum 2 - Torquenpower - 150+

Language: English (at least enough to converse)
Time Zone: any
Played time: anything resonable
Age Range: Mature enough to keep it family friendly. We have lots of parents on the team.
Elite Account?: not required
Dragon Roster Includes: flexible
Highest Lineage Dragon: flexible

Torquenpower, a currently platinum 2 team, is looking for a few people.

Must be active and willing to play in Atlas at least a bare minimum level. We will teach if you need help.

Elite, regular or Atlas, is not required.

Must participate in all wars and get 5 flames.

Goals are per event. The 2nd to last prize as a nice to have, but we get the 300 sigil prize every event.

Minimum level 150, but willing to make exceptions if you are strong for your level.

Please either apply or you can mail one of the officers, including me, in game with any questions. We will be happy to answer them.

Sill have openings available. If you are lower than 100, please message us to discuss. We do make exceptions if you are strong for your level.

Several spots available. Come join the fun. :slight_smile:

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1 spot is opening after the event. 2 for an exceptional group. Please mail me in-game as I will see it quicker there.

We will have a few spots available to fill after the event ends. Please mail me in-game with why you want to join the team. :slight_smile: