LFM - Platinum 2 - Torquenpower - 150+


Torquenpower, a currently platinum 2 team, is looking for a few good people.

We like to chat and be social when we are on, but otherwise we are a pretty quiet team unless there is a battle going on somewhere. We do have a Line group, but Line is not required. Information is posted in Line and in-game wiki for easy reference.


  • Know English enough to converse. Most of the team is English speaking. Time zone does not matter.
  • Keep chat family friendly, we are a group of parents from babies to adult kids.
  • Recommended to have Elite for your own progression, but neither regular Elite or Atlas Elite is required.
  • Level 150+ with sapphire mythic at a minimum, but if you are strong for your level may consider on case-by-case basis
  • Must be active and willing to play in Atlas at least to a bare minimum level, would prefer if you would like to do more than just visit Aligane for your glory. We will teach if you need help learning or understanding Atlas.
  • Must participate in all wars and get 5 flames minimum.

Team Goals

  • 4 out of 5 Team Quests completed.
  • Make 1600 troops a day in Atlas
  • Event goals are per event, but the minimum is for everyone to reach the points needed for the 300 sigil team achievement.

Please either apply or mail in game (BotJ, JerseyTNP, or myself) with any questions. We will be happy to answer them.

Sill have openings available. If you are lower than 100, please message us to discuss. We do make exceptions if you are strong for your level.

Several spots available. Come join the fun. :slight_smile:

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1 spot is opening after the event. 2 for an exceptional group. Please mail me in-game as I will see it quicker there.

We will have a few spots available to fill after the event ends. Please mail me in-game with why you want to join the team. :slight_smile:

A few spots available. Hope to see you before event starts.

Still have a few spots available. Open to a small group that would like to join together as well.

Looking for 3+ people by Tuesday. Come check us out.

Looking for 2+ people. Come on over! Even if you don’t meet the requirements outright, message me in game to discuss.

We have some alts we would like to fill their slots with people who want an active, if quiet, team. Come on over and help us conquer next season.

Looking for a few active people that want to be active in the game and in Atlas. We had 7 players claim a mythic last season and we plan to do it again this coming season!

Still got that spot?

195 lvl atm, Sapphire Tez and Prospero

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