LFM - Platinum 3 - HyruleDragons - 60+


Language: English prefered
Time Zone: All we already have members from all over the world
Played time: Any
Age Range: 18+ prefered
Elite Account?: Not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Ember
Highest Lineage Dragon: Gold

HyruleDragons is a very active team who were on the edge of Platinum1 not even two weeks ago but had some members go inactive leading to some massive war punishment.

We have Atlas and a good number of castles with some awesome boosts.

Currently we are looking for approximately 5-11 new team members so we can get all the Alts out of the team as well. We may be able to make more space if sa non Atlas team is interested in a merge.

Experinced leadership and well advised. WE are more than happy to help grow newer players the right way. Some of our best players joined the team as low levels so we wont set a high minimum and if your below minimum it is up for negotiation.

Usually blurb about wars and event participation being mandatory.


Is it green or gold then?
I mean, minimum dragon tier…


Gold it’s an older poster and as it’s Christmas I wasn’t about to bug anyone to update it basically




Omg! Red coughed up a new graphic! :scream:


Nice art!


Off topic.
Won’t you tutor my team? :pleading_face:

On topic
@Clownius , Updated poster has been released. Time to update?


Thank you so much


I couldn’t join… it would cause too much timeline confusion with the other RiverSong :rofl: :joy:


Doppelgängers Can exist in equilibrium :grin:


Bumping this up.

We are still looking for active and friendly players. :slight_smile:


Bumping up again.

If you are over level 60, active in game and looking for a team with Atlas and friendly faces, we are open. :slight_smile:

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