LFM - Platinum 3 - RunningNaked (with Atlas)

Looking for one to join us!

We have a few consistent underperformers (very low scorer for weeks without communication) we are looking to replace! Please apply if you are looking for a team that:

  • Usually places top 5/top 10 in PvP events
  • Active leadership, no drama llamas
  • Doesn’t enforce 3 AM wake-up calls. :slight_smile:

We are likely moving up to P3 in the next couple weeks, so RunningNaked wants you!

Bump! Moving to P3 and need a few good dragon flyers!

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Bump! Bump! Bump! One spot available.

Bit of a last minute thing, but a couple players suddenly left and we have 2 spots that we want to fill ASAP.



Looking for 1 brave soul too join us. Someone that’s not too picky. Word of warning, we are cruising towards the finish line at this point. :blush:

Bump! We are looking to replace a couple of low performers. Ideally, we are looking for players with regular game and Atlas activity. :slight_smile:

Bump! We have 1-2 spots opened. Hoping to boost our Atlas presence so please apply!

Bump! Looking to fill up 2-3 spots!

Looking for active, motivated players! Current min level is set to 99 I believe, but if you have demonstrated outstanding activity and are looking for a long-term home, send me a msg for consideration.

One spot open, looking for someone with high regular and Atlas activity!

Still looking for 1!

Bump! 2 spots available now, make War Dragons fun again by playing with us!

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Yeah! Join RunningNaked! There’s nothing more they like than running…except for one other thing :partying_face:


Join RunningNaked! We have a couple spots open - looking for active regular and Atlas participants. Our requirements are very reasonable.

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Bump! We are looking to fill 3 spots!

We have room for 2! Looking for active event players. Atlas experience is not necessary - our team is happy to teach!

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Bump - looking for 2 players. Join us for the next PvP!

Bump, we have a few spots open!