LFM Platinum 3 (With Atlas) Yautjaprime 84+

Language: English
Age Range: 18+
We are serious about wars, advancement and Atlas and looking for several players level 84 and up to join us.

Our team is not new to the Atlas. Yautjaprime was one of the original 50 beta teams. We have players with over a year and a half of experience willing to help those who are new to the Atlas.

War attacks are mandatory and pacifists will be exiled. Familiarity with wave attacks for wars is preferred, but not required as long as you are willing and able to learn.

We have no formal minimum requirements for events, but we ask everyone to be as active as possible.

Please apply even if we are full.

If you would like to join after the event ends, or have any questions please contact myself or AlemaRarr


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