LFM Platinum 4 123Dragon 75+ Atlas Team


Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Age Range: Adult
Elite Account?: Reccommended but not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Gold minimum
Highest Lineage Dragon: level appropriate


123Dragon is a very active growing family team, most of us have been flying together for a very long time and our team is full of very active, loyal members. Although we are an adult team we prefer to keep chat clean, respectful, and mature.(This includes League Chat) We have a very informative team wiki, LINE, and experienced atlas players to help you learn the ins and outs of atlas. We are mentored by an experienced Sapphire Atlas player and although we are fairly new to atlas we have a very strong support system to help us all learn and grow! Whether you are new to atlas or experienced we would love to have you on our team!

We also have an active non-atlas sister team that we use as a rest-area for teammates going on vacation, or temporary leave, and alts. We understand real-life happens, but we ask that you keep us informed so we can swap you out temporarily if need be.

We require 100% war participation with no exceptions, if you miss a war we will ask you to join our sister team for 1st offense until you return from whatever prevented you from warring, and 2nd offense is permanent removal. All we ask is that you notify an officer prior to wars so we can make proper adjustments for the better of the team!

We are a fun team, and we do take war, atlas, and event participation seriously. If this sounds like the team for you, please apply today in game, and message an officer, let them know Drey/Pax sent you :slight_smile: You can also reach me (Paxala) in-game or any officer with any questions.

Happy Hunting!

:two_hearts: Drey/Pax


Yes do come and join our family! We would love to have you on our team :slight_smile:

Do apply even if we are full!


Do join us now! You won’t regret joining this team! :wink:


Hi there I am lvl 214 and my friend lvl 151. We are interested in joining your team.


@bored8panda We are happy to have you on our team! You can apply and we will accept both of you in :slight_smile:


Update: We have 2 slots open for those who wish to join us!


Update: We have two slots available for those who wish to join our team.


We have one slot available up for grab!


Update: We now have a castle we are working actively to level, and will start working towards a second soon! Please apply if full and we will contact you!


Update: We have one slot open for those who wants to join us!


We are still looking for players in our team. Please apply even if we are full!


What is the lowest level most teams have on atlas? I’m a 49, and just asking.


Depending on the team any level as long as you’re very active. If interested message an officer in game :slight_smile:


We have one available slot for anyone who like to join us!


We have one available slot!


Hey everyone still recruiting please apply and message an officer For faster acceptance!


We are still actively looking for people to join our team! Do come and join us!


Im level 178 very active. I wanna try atlas. I been leader on my team for over a year but no advance past gold. You willing to teach me atlas?


Yes go ahead and apply to 123Dragon :slight_smile: I have an atlas learning chat for the team as well where you can ask questions :slight_smile:


We have one open slot available!