LFM - Platinum 4 - Bloodmakers - Any level


Language: Able to communicate in English (but we have lots of different nationalities)
Time Zone: Any
Age Range: Any
Elite Account?: Not necessary
Atlas: Not yet


  • We are sitting at the top of Gold1 and it is time to replace some players who don’t contribute enough to the team so we can get into platinum.
  • We are a friendly, relaxed team which enjoys flying our dragons, and like doing well in PvP events.
  • As long as you stay active and do your war fights we would love to have you.
  • Apply if full, got a few players and alts to replace



Now in plat 4. Still got some players to replace.


Sigh. Got some more players to replace, so ignore all the other teams looking for players and join us.


Got more players to replace, so don’t be shy, come and join us.


Getting rid of some more selfish players. Looking for some new players who want to contribute to the team :pray:

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