LFM Platinum 4 - FlyingArrows - 100+

I decided to let this message rest during the event to protect people from being unable to take part.

Still looking for the right kind of players to join us.

With the end of the event it is time to start looking for new members.

Some new members found but room for more.

I may be looking for a new team. I seem to have been kicked from mine, but I don’t know why and am waiting on a response from the captain.

Level 146 right now, fairly active, usually flip back and forth between active and very active depending on work and such. Team was in Platinum IV Angry Habroks, if that makes any difference. No experience with Atlas as of yet. Currently working through platinum dragons, will breed legendary in next event.

Messaging you in game.

Hey there, im new to the game (LVL33) and looking for a really active team to grow in. Are there still open spots?

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Yes we still have places available on the team. I’ll contact you in game.

Another event finished or close to. Would like to retire alt to the abyss.

Hello, still looking for active team member?
Ready if you have slot available. Tks

We are absolutely still looking for new active players. I will contact you in game with further details.

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The number of places available is starting to dwindle but there is still time to join us.

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