LFM - Platinum 4 - RunningNaked - all levels welcome - Atlas pirate team

RunningNaked is an active, casually competitive team looking to fill our last few spots. We are completely stress-free and drama-free. Our core moved over here from a team called Durtijerzi (we wanted Atlas).

Note that casually competitive does NOT mean that we goof around in events! Our team has been steadily climbing the leagues.

If you are a low level player looking to learn the ropes, or if you want a team with decent activity but don’t want to feel stuck in the grind, check us out!

Participate in wars
Reach the 300 sigil team achievement in quests
Regularly get 3 or more event quests

Atlas access- no restrictions! Play Atlas however you like, or not at all!
Helpful and active team members
Friendly atmosphere (100% drama free!)
Real life breaks when necessary (we’re not going to boot you when real life interferes)

Can my dragons have runes and riders in your team?

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What you earn is what you keep…but to be honest, I’m not sure what you’re asking about… You can’t have my Gunnar helmet though!

Bump - we are in P4 now. Looking for a few members!

Bump, still in P4. We have a few spots open!


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Bump. We have 3-4 spots open!

Bump, we have a couple of open spots currently occupied by alts.