LFM - Platinum 4 - RunningNaked - all levels welcome - Atlas pirate team

RunningNaked is an active, casually competitive team looking to fill our last few spots. We are completely stress-free and drama-free. Our core moved over here from a team called Durtijerzi. Even thought we bill ourselves casual, we do NOT goof around in events! Our team has been steadily climbing the leagues.

If you are a low level player looking to learn the ropes, or if you want a team with decent activity but don’t want to feel stuck in the grind, check us out! Our current requirement is set to 50, but if you are lower than that and want to challenge yourself, send me a message!

Participate in wars
Reach the 300 sigil team achievement in quests
Regularly get 3 or more event quests

Atlas access- no restrictions! Play Atlas however you like, or not at all!
Helpful and active team members
Friendly atmosphere (100% drama free!)
Real life breaks when necessary (just let us know in advance)

Can my dragons have runes and riders in your team?

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What you earn is what you keep…but to be honest, I’m not sure what you’re asking about… You can’t have my Gunnar helmet though!

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Bump - we are in P4 now. Looking for a few members!

Bump, still in P4. We have a few spots open!


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Bump. We have 3-4 spots open!

Bump, we have a couple of open spots currently occupied by alts.

We have 3-5 spots open. Please check us out if you’re looking for a team with a work-life balance!

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RunningNaked is still looking to fill our remaining spots!

We’ve been holding steady in P4 and have been slowly creeping up the rankings. I would describe us as a scrappy team that punches above our weight. We are completely chill and drama free, so come check us out!

BUMP! We are looking for members!

Bump, we have 3-4 spots open!

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Bump, we have a few spots! Looking for fellow KD Wars sufferers.

Mid-ish P4 team.
Relaxed, competitive play.
…just a chill team.


Bump! Have 2-3 open spots!

Bump, we have 3 spots opened. Still in Platinum with Atlas access!

Bump, we are still looking or memers

We have 50 members at the moment, but we’re trying to encourage higher activity levels. We are looking for:
2-3 quests per event
Regular consistency for points to get the team 300 sigil tier
Regular participation in war

Bump, we have 1-2 spots open.

If you liked my amazing quantitative analysis thread, apply! :wink:

Bump! 1-2 spots open.

Our current requirement is set to 50, but if you are lower than that and want to challenge yourself, send me a message!