LFM - Platinum II - Sidewinders - lvl 60+

Preferred Language: English
Age Range: 18+
Level: 70+
Time Playing: any
Elite: Preferred
Roster Includes: Amarok, Durga, Hydron
Highest Lineage Dragon: Orange/Green
League: Platinum II

We offer you a friendly, active, and helpful team. We will assist you with training runs for your dragons, and do our best to provide you with all the resources you need.

We are currently hanging out in Platinum II, waiting for some of our lower players to get a little stronger, but then we will make our move up to Platinum I and eventually Sapphire again.

We don’t war that often, but we expect full participation when we do. We would require that much of you. Otherwise, we’re pretty laid back and casual. It’s a fun mix of people, and I’m sure they’d make you feel at home.

We are currently full, but we have some alternate and “filler” accounts that we can move.

If you are interested, message me here or in game, and submit an application.

where do you guys norm place in events? if you look at my bio here i wrote like an application. looking for a closeknit group thats coordianted and has good communication. does well in events. wars that often aren’t too important but when we do war are thier any strategies like waves and marked targets etc? also does the group use line chat outside of the game? thnx.

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