LFM - Platinum III - i776 - level 50+

Language: English
Time Zone: Worldwide, mostly US time zones though
Played time: Any
Age Range: 18+ preferred
Elite Account: Got it, great, if not, who cares :man_shrugging:
Dragon Roster Includes: Dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon: Dragons

Looking for a laid back, relaxed, mostly adult, Atlas team? With extremely minimal requirements? That actually helps it’s members get better without tons of pressure to be a top performer? You found us :+1:

Unfortunately we seem to lose a member every now and then, even with our EXTREMELY minimal requirements :man_shrugging: Reply here or shoot me a message here or ingame, we would love to have you! Even if we are 50/50, apply, as we most likely have an alt or 2 as placeholders.

Still looking for a few new members :+1:

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Looking for a few new members.

If you are looking for laid back and relaxed, with very minimal requirements, hit me up here or ingame :+1:


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And we seem to have an opening or 2 coming available after fort ends.

If you’re interested, reply here or shoot me a mail ingame!

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If you still have an opening I’m interested. :blush:


Hi there, I’ll send you a mail ingame.

May have an opening or 2 after the event ends.

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Have at least one opening.

Shoot me a mail here or in game, or go all in and apply!

Sadly, we seem to have a few openings. (Openings are pretty rare btw, just look how old this thread is :joy:, people join us and rarely leave, they enjoy it THAT much!)

Interested in a relaxed team, with few minimums, yet a friendly, fun, ACTIVE environment?

Message me here or ingame, or go all out and apply :man_shrugging:

Still looking, have at least 3 slots, iirc. My mind comes and goes though :man_shrugging:

You still recruiting? What’s your IGN?

Lol Jonesy is Jonesy :rofl:

Also change your CFC to KFC :chicken: :poultry_leg: :joy:


Still looking for a few new members :+1:

Come check us out! And yes, I’m Jonesy ingame too :smirk:

do you take people who only fly salamanders?

look how cute they are :pleading_face:


Salamanders? Meaning?

Axi? Sorcerors? :man_shrugging: Idc what you fly, as long as you’re willing to learn to fly well, build a decent base, and get on a breeding path, all things to help you succeed, while hopefully, not increasing PGs profit margin :rofl:

Ok, that’s just cute as all get out. I’d fly it :joy:


And we do have a few spots available still!

Message me in game I have 15 for a mini merge if needed