LFM - Platinum IV Angry Hydrons - NagaWarriors - min50

Languages: Primarily English and German

We are interested in filling a spot on our roster. We are an active team focused on supporting and developing our teammates. Grow with us!

We ask for commitment to supporting the team by 5 flaming all wars, but backup is almost always available.

how active is everyone on your team? how often are wars? how active are you guys during events. whats your teams communication like ingame and out of game (line app or others pref line). where are you guys norm in events ranking. im 53, plat 4 divines equestors and chimerak lineage dragons mid green tier until next breeding. right now been as high as plat 2 before team disbanded. looking for an active coordinated team like that one. also for wars do you guys have strategies like waves and prior picked targets either by an officer or some other method. trying to find a team that is close to or as coordianted as my old one. so far no luck.

Hi At0mic93. Replied in-game.

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