LFM - Platinum IV - ClanOof - 50+

Language: English
Time Zone: Players from all kind places, so we have all kind of time zones
Age Range: 16+
Elite Account?: not a must, but is handy to have
Level: 50+

We are ClanOof. An active team that feels like a family.
We are active, talktive and help each other.
For our team it is important to have fun, but also to compete. So joining in on events and wars is a must.
Communication is key. We wish from all of our players to work together, join in on strategies and let people know when something wont work.
We are currently in PlatIV and our goal is to work up in rank, to secure atlas for our team.

We took care of some people in the team and are now actively recruiting 10 people. Let us know if you are interested! (If you are looking for a home for more people and some are bellow level 50, then send out an email).

Just contact me or look up our team!


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