LFM - Platinum IV - DeadlySirens - 100+


Language: English (mainly)
Time Zone: Any
Played time: 3 mo+ and Very Active
Age Range: 18+ (we get a little raunchy sometimes)
Elite Account?: not needed
Dragon Roster Includes: Gunnar, Prospero, Cav, Ember
Highest Lineage Dragon: Gold+

Hey you… yeah you “insert name here”. DeadlySirens is looking for new VERY active players to add to our rosters and advance up through platinum. After a leadership restructure, we’re builing up. We have: fun banter, competative play, line, dragons, helpful teammates, a Wiki (that is actually set up and maintained), a Legend, and more dragons. Come for the dragons, stay for the boo… I mean people.

Contact by replying here or in game to myself or any officer of DeadlySirens.


If we’re full, still let us know. We can make room.