LFM - Platinum IV - FlyingArrows - Beginner Veteran


Language: English
Time Zone: Global but mostly Australian and European
Played time: All levels of experience welcome
Age Range: 13+
Elite Account?: Always preferable but not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Draco
Highest Lineage Dragon: I’m sure you get the message


A relaxed team looking for new members to fill out the roster and add to the conversation and fun. I plan on rising through Platinum so be ready to war. Don’t know how? Just ask. For my officers and myself there is little more rewarding than watching a player grow. We also know that there is a lot still to learn and are willing to listen to experience.

Don’t be put off by the full roster message myself or an officer today. Better still apply directly.

See you in the skies.

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I’m not eligible :sob:

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Ah but you could be :joy:

Just in case someone else takes that too seriously I’m simply trying to state that I don’t care where you start with us.

Athough at quest time there is no one better for attack 45 times with a warrior or a fire element dragon. :nerd_face::yum:

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