LFM – Platinum IV – NightSaviors – 40+

Language: English is teams set preferred language but any are welcome.
Time Zone: Pacific/Eastern are most common but we have members from all over the world.
Played time: Any, new and old members are welcome
Age Range: 18+, we require war and event participation which has seemed to be a problem for younger players in the past. There is also the occasional mature conversation.
Elite Account?: Preferred for the bonus to dragons xp but not a requirement.
Dragon Roster Includes: Any
Highest Lineage Dragon: Orange

About: NightSaviors prides itself on our family type feel. We are friendly and there are no member on our team that will not help if someone needs it. We have been praised by teams higher than us about our teams strength in wars and events with our levels. Levels range from 30 to over 200. We focus on strong dragons and high defense over high levels. We strive for everyone on our team to be successful at the game and enjoy playing. We are a no drama team. Must participate in all wars, if you miss two wars consecutively you will be removed. If you are going to miss a war because of something in real life, we prefer you to tell us ahead of time if possible. If not, as soon as you can. All events are required with the exception of fortification events. We want our members to have strong dragons. If you have any questions or are interested please message me on game and title your mail accordingly.

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