LFM -- Platinum IV -- SoulsHaven -- Any Level :)

Language: English (primarily)
Time Zone: All!
Age Range: 18+ preferred
Elite Account?: Not necessary

SoulsHaven is a laid back, drama-free Platinum team (the sister team to LeagueofSouls in Diamond 2). Originally created as a safe haven for teammates who wanted a break from the grind of Diamond and high Sapphire leagues, now we’re looking to grow and expand.

We’re looking for active, friendly folks who are interested in learning and growing with us. While we are laid back, we do take wars seriously and ask that you communicate with the team. We use Line to chat outside the game as well – having a Line account is preferred, but not necessary.

The ultimate goal is to get Atlas, so we’re looking for people who are willing to help us fight up to Sapphire III :blush:

Message Mattzzero, the Haven leader, for more info. We have alts holding spaces, so we can make room for new players immediately!

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So what sets Soulshaven apart from 95% of the teams posting here?

KEYWORDS are “sister team in diamond league”

That’s right, you’re not just joining a team of 50, but a team of 100 members with a crossover chat group between the two teams!

Why join a high platinum or low sapphire team that’s stumbling around in the atlas neutral zones? Soulshaven will have a veteran atlas team assisting in land acquisition and protection! Come join Soulshaven’s move to sapphire league before your window of opportunity closes!

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count me in!

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Hi, we’re looking for a new home, may we apply?

About: Two active player. lvl 63. We come as a pair and we play ALL events and wars. We’re looking to move from Gold to Platinum

Language: English or French
Time Zone: Eastern
Played time: 8-9 months
Age Range: 30+
Elite Account: sometimes
Dragon Roster Includes: recent divines + critical path dragons by Red
Highest Lineage Dragon: we’re about to open up breeding gold eggs

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Hey Tyche! Yes, please go ahead and apply when ready. We kicked many inactives and we’re pulling in a large group of new folks over the next few days, so you’ll be joining during an exciting time :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you guys!

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