LFM - Platinum IV - The Red Eclipse - 30+

Language: mainly English and we accept all languages
Time Zone: many
Played time: constant, 24/7, team is from all over the globe
Age Range: 14+
Elite Account?: recommended, but it’s your choice

We’re a fun, chatty, supportive, helpful, and active team that spans many time zones, so there are often a few players on around the clock. TRE is losing a few players and alts and want to continue to excel and move to Platinum league again.
We have been a Platinum team, since the rebalancing process started, and intend to rebuild and get back to Platinum league very quickly.
Your level doesn’t matter, we all started somewhere, and we will help you build. We ask that you are active and check in daily, do all wars and events, and communicate in chat. Plenty of xp runs happening and rss sharing. Come join us!

Send me a message here or in game is quicker.

DracarysTRE :dragon::fire:

Hi. My spouse and I are currently looking for a new team. We are level 35 and 37 (almost 38) are very active, usually on after work and during breaks. We are Elite Account holders as well. We are looking for a team that is consistently on with a high activity rating as we feel that sometimes we are the only ones trying in wars and events. We are also looking for strong leadership.
My Username: SylvrNight
Spouse’s: StWalker
Thank you

Hi SylvrNight,
Thanks for your reply! You and StWalker are welcomed to join.
Please check your mail for my messages.
See you soon!

I have room for 5 more.

What’s the team name? :smile:

The Red Eclipse

Join us!

We have room for four more.

Hi, we’re looking for a new home, may we apply?

About: Two active player, lvl 63, we come as a pair, we play ALL events and wars.
Looking to move or help move from Gold to Platinum

Language: English or French
Time Zone: Eastern
Played time: 8-9 months
Age Range: 30+
Elite Account: sometimes
Dragon Roster Includes: recent divines + critical path dragons by Red
Highest Lineage Dragon: we’re about to open up breeding gold eggs

Hi Tyche13,

Yes, please apply! See you both soon.


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We’ve got room for two more. C’mon over.

Still have room for two. We will be in Platinum 4 next week.

Room for two. Global rating points puts us in Platinum 4, so with two active recruits we can keep forging ahead.
Come join us!

DracarysTRE :dragon:

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