LFM - Platinum IV - TheRedEclipse


Language: mainly English and we accept all languages
Time Zone: many (see team info for country flags)
Played time: constant, 24/7, team is from all over the globe
Age Range: 14+
Elite Account?: recommended, but it’s your choice

We’re a fun, chatty, supportive, helpful, and active team that spans many time zones, so there are often a few players on around the clock. We have several couples as well as families, some other teammates have alts or mains in other leagues. TRE is losing a few players and alts and want to continue to excel and move through Platinum league again.

Your level doesn’t matter, we all started somewhere, and we will help you build. We ask that you are active (very active is even better) and check in daily, do all wars, do all events, and definitely communicate in chat. There are plenty of xp runs happening and rss sharing.

We have room for 5! Possibly more.

Come join our dragon trainer family!

Send me a message here. However in game is quicker.



We have room for 3 currently


Still have room for 3


Two spots available. Come join The Red Eclipse!


We have several spots open in hopes to move a few alts on to other teams before Atlas is pushed. I have room for several.

C’mon and join us!
Send me a msg in game.
DracarysTRE :fire:


There are four more spots open.
Message me or one of the officers in game.

DracarysTRE :dragon: