LFM Platinum NagaWarriors lvl63+

One or two lucky players may have the rare opportunity of joining NagaWarriors!!!

We are interested in replacing a couple of our alts with fresh blood. Here’s your chance to grow with us.

Only available while supplies last!



We have one position open, don’t delay!!!

If you can do this, join us to help!

If you can’t, join us to learn!

Currently full, but interested in swapping out 2 alts.

Please apply and send a message, would like to make the swaps before Kingdom Wars starts. :+1:t3:

Shameless bump, as we are still looking for a few fine people :grinning:

Yup, we can still use a couple of fine flyers :smile:
Since fortification is coming up, we can also help you to get a killer base!

Yet another shameless bump - I’m beginning to feel like a used car salesperson!

NagaWarriors is still in need of a few dedicated teammates. We are currently a P4 team without Atlas (I mean, I can find pictures of maps if you’d like, but not the WD version). Most of our team is 100+, but we would welcome anyone that is friendly and wants to grow.

Please submit your application prior to Fortification :grinning:

Bumping again, as we can still remove an alt or two :grinning: We are close to moving up to Platinum 3 and took first place this last event. Apply as soon as possible, we’d love to have another active player or two!

We lost someone unexpectedly this morning. We have moved an alt in temporarily, but we would much prefer to have someone fill the gap ^^

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