LFM-Platinum- ShadowLords431 looking for lvl 100+ active Players

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Language: English mostly
Time Zone: Any/ with members all over
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Highly suggested

About: We are the ShadowLords431, a mostly English speaking team based on friendship, fun and competition. Our goal is to progress in Leagues and to go as far as we are able to take it while maintaining the fun and the family like environment that we have set up in the game. This is not just your typical regular dull team, we are a family and the ShadowLords have a deep bond with each other. We care about one another and keep tab on each other while having a blast riding DRAGONS!

Now the question you should be asking yourself is what is it that you are looking for in a team. If you are looking for a family like team with a group of silly people that truly care about you and will do the best to help you grow as a dragon rider while making the journey fun, then join us and we shall grow together as a team and reach Sapphire or Diamond soon.

Ps: War is really important to us it is the only way to go up leagues therefore winning them help the whole team grow which means participation in war is Mandatory.If you will not be able to do a war run because of life you simply have to communicate with our officers since we set up a specific day for war; call it WarDay. Once recruited we will need you to provide us with a Line ID which is really important for war reminder and updates about what’s happening. Last but not least If you have any questions feel free to contact spdrmnky1620 or dekamin they will be more than Happy to answer any Questions. Good Luck Dragons Lords!

Absolutely! I’ve been asked to join dozens of teams, right up to Sapphire, but this team is HOME, it’s FUN and it’s different because we put people FIRST.

If you’re uptight, dead ambitious, win-at-all-costs type of player, this is not your team! But if you love playing the game, having a giggle or a guffaw, and enjoying the company of a great bunch of people… while smiting the enemy of course (lol) then ShadowLords431 is the team you’ve been dreaming of!

Some liken us to a herd of cats… but lions have pride and are fiercely loyal… and that’s us.

Officer of Communications and Information

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